He is the one you praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.
— Deuteronomy 10:21

Since LCA’s inception our prayer has been that people would sense God’s presence the moment they drive onto the campus. What began in 1998 as a journey of faith has become a community where lives are changed on a daily basis. LCA’s mission of preparing students academically, spiritually, and socially for God’s call on their lives has never wavered. This mission pervades every aspect of the school. It is the lens used to view the important role of athletics and the arts in the scope of the child’s overall education. It is the filter for decision-making. 

The Journey to The Gatehouse is, at its core, a journey of the faithfulness of God. LCA’s entire story is one of continued faithfulness and provision from Him for the dream that was planted in 1998. This is His school and His story. We are trusting Him to provide both direction and dollars. It’s our aim to demonstrate our trust by praying God-sized prayers for His miraculous provision through His people. We’ve already seen evidence of His provision with the donation of property across the street from the school that now brings us to almost seventy five acres of land owned by the school. We are expecting more than we can ask or imagine and we want to look back and be able to proclaim that He alone has done it.

From an academic standpoint, we believe this building represents a gateway into the Biblical worldview which will be sown into our students as they learn in brand new classrooms. The Gatehouse will also serve our Fine Arts program beautifully, housing both upper and lower school art programs as well as all band, chorus and theater offerings. From a social standpoint, we are excited for the collaborative work and classroom spaces, innovative meeting options and modern architecture that will greet each person who enters. From a spiritual standpoint, we have commissioned the construction of The War Room. This will be a designated place where small groups can go regularly to pray and place our trust in God for protection and guidance over LCA and all that is ahead. We are continuing to strive to honor Him in preparing students for the world they will enter when they leave us.

The Gatehouse Campaign is about giving generously and being a specific part of the trajectory that will be shaped for others through their attendance at LCA. It’s about being part of something that will outlast us. It’s about being people who’ve benefitted from the belief and generosity of those who’ve come before us, some of whom were never direct beneficiaries of the projects they gave toward. It’s about seeing the need for excellence in both education and spiritual development and wanting to be part of the story. It’s about not missing out on what God is going to do in the coming years. We have a God-sized belief that people will give out of generosity and a heart that is shaped by gratefulness to God. The Gatehouse is about faith. The Gatehouse is about generosity. The Gatehouse is about legacy. The Gatehouse is about God.